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It's a dark and stormy night...

Kitty, kitty, pumpkin eater!The witching hour is just around the corner and we want your spooky season to be the bone chilling best it can be! With goblins to gather and cobwebs to collect, we know you’re busy as a beast making your Halloween party the creepiest it can be.

That’s where we step, slither and creep in! We offer the best of creepy critters for Halloween parties and displays! With custom designed spooky displays of the scariest animals around, we can add that special touch to your event.

Rocky "Red Devil" RaccoonWe offer several services and can change them to suit your needs. Prices depend upon length of time displays are needed, number of performances and the choice of services. Below are some of the services we provide.

Click on a program below for details and be sure to visit our Animal Troupe for a list of animals available for our various programs.

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Specialty Theme Displays
Amazing Animal Adventure
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Samantha...The Rat Lady

It’s dark and smoky. Your guests come around the corner nervously. What do they see? Just a coffin with a woman reposing peacefully. They look closer and jump back!

The treats are in my OTHER pocket!She’s covered with rats!! Dozens and dozens of rats are crawling all over her!

This display will make the toughest veteran of Haunted Houses jump and scream! One of the most visually effective displays we offer.

Where's Mickey and Minnie?
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Specialty Theme Displays

Are you my Trick or my Treat?Have a particular hankering for your haunting? Need an alligatorOoo, that tickles! for your Swamp Man’s lair? Meet Al Capone, our four-foot American Alligator who will make your guests jump and scream...with delight. Have a corner that looks a little bare? Our exotic spider and cockroach displays go with any decor! Tell us your idea and we’ll tell you how it can be done. Or let us come up with a display for you!

I better get some tuna for my tricks!
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Amazing Animal Adventurestar

Did I scare you?We bring ten to twelve different animals of your choice, for 45 minutes to an hour of animal entertainment. As the animals are brought out, we give your guests a chance to meet and pet the animals while our experienced handlers tell fascinating facts and entertaining stories about each animal. Included in the presentation are at least two or three animals that perform tricks.

Callie Coatimundi, our long-nosed, South American friend, rolls out her own red carpet, pickpockets a wallet, and even opens packages retrieved from a mailbox...all through the use of her nose!

Raccoon in the moon!Everyone loves watching Rusty Raccoon as he slam dunks basketballs, and crowds really get excited when Caesarthe Serval, our spotted African wildcat, makes his grand entrance by making amazing leaps.

Kiki, our monkey-like South American Kinkajou, is always a memorable treat for the people to meet, and our Amazing Acro-Cats wow the crowd with their fabulous feline performance. Our trained cats roll barrels, jump through hoops, perform feats of agility, and even have an all-cat band called The Rock Cats.

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