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Animal Entertainment

We have several programs available which can be tailored for any and every situation. Be sure to check out our Animal Troupe for a list of available animals. Click on a program below for details.

Amazing Animal Reptile Show



Samantha's Amazing Animal Adventure

This is our most popular program for birthday parties, schools, or other gatherings, and is designed to meet any age group and audience size. We can even perform shows with specific themes or topics, such as camouflage, animals around the world, and many other themes. We bring ten animals for a 45-minute to an hour-long show.

CaesarAs the animals are brought out, we give your guests a chance to meet and pet them while our experienced handlers tell fascinating facts and entertaining stories about each staranimal. Included in the presentation are at least two of our many animals that perform behaviorally-based tricks.

Callie Coatimundi, our long-nosed, South American friend, rolls out her own red carpet, pickpockets a wallet, and even opens packages retrieved from a mailbox...all through the use of her nose!

Everyone loves watching Rusty Raccoon as he slam dunks baskets and the crowd gets really excited when Caesar the serval, our spotted wildcat, makes I smell birthday cake!his grand entrance with amazing leaps and bounds.

starKiki, our monkey-like kinkajou, is always a memorable treat for the people to meet and we can even bring one of our famous Acro-Cats to perform a few of their amazing tricks.

If there is a birthday child or special guest, we give them extra attention as well as their own safari hat and goody bag, free of charge. Extra safari hats, goody bags, and Polaroid pictures may be purchased for the rest of your guests as an additional service.

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Amazing Animal Reptile Show

For smaller parties or for children who prefer the scalier and more slithery critters, we offer a 45-minute reptile show featuring eight of our many reptiles. Ranging from an Argentine tegu lizard, a North American alligator, or a blue-tongued skink, we bring a variety of lizards, turtles, and snakes as well as one or two of our exotic insects for a fascinating and fun show.


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Strolling Animal Handlers/Snake Charmers/Animal Displays

Sebastian Serval--cool dude!We can provide costumed Animal Handlers and Snake Charmers to mingle with your guests to provide a more mobile and interactive service. Guests may pet the animal and be photographed with our handlers at their leisure. This is a great addition to large events, festivals, and many other occasions.

starWe have various animals which can be displayed for your Haunted House or other themed events.

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