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Animal Education Programs

Do you have a special topic in mind? We can create an attention-grabbing presentation, tailored for a specific age group and class size. Our programs are ideal for classrooms, Cub Scouts, camp groups, or other gatherings.

We bring ten animals for 45 minutes to an hour of animal entertainment. As the animals are brought out, we give your group a chance to see and pet them while our experienced I just know there's a mirror in here!handlers tell fascinating facts and entertaining stories about each animal. Included in the performance are at least two animals that perform tricks.

Callie Coatimundi, our long-nosed, South American friend rolls out her own red carpet, pickpockets a wallet, and even opens packages retrieved from a mailbox...all through the use of her nose!

Rusty  RacoonEveryone loves watching Rusty Raccoon as he slam dunks basketballs, and crowds really get excited when Caesar the Serval, our spotted wildcat, makes his grand entrance by making amazing leaps.

KikiKiki, our monkey-like Kinkajou, is always a memorable treat for the people to meet. We even have trained domestic house cats that perform a multitude of exciting and entertaining

All of the animals live with Samantha and are trained through the use of positive rewards. The tricks are based on the animals’ own natural behavior, so we are able to sneak in the education.

Be sure to check out our Animal Troupe for a list of available animals.

Be sure to check out information on our special holiday shows!
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