Tuna has appeared in an award-winning film entitled Zeke, where she played the role of a vindictive cat who had been “fixed” by a well intentioned owner. Zeke seeks revenge in a nail biting series of encounters, leading to a surprise climactic ending.

Tuna has also appeared on WGN News, FOX 32, and in print ads for Pet Stages, Nutramax, and Hill’s Pet Food.

Likes: Training and show time, sunning herself on top of the fax machine, ringing her bell, and being in the spotlight.
Dislikes: Sharing
Personality: Tuna does not play well with others and the other band members must steer clear of her before and after the show. She's a workaholic, preferring to learn new tricks than to nap like most cats. 
Family Line: Tuna is the mother of Pinky, Darby, and Nue.
Little Known Fact:
Tuna once rang her bell ten minutes straight until someone got up to get her a treat.

Meet the rest of the band:
Pinky, Dakota, Waldo, Nue, and Murphy

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