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Small Town Birds Dream Big!

ATLANTA, GA — November 02, 2020
In the sleepy town of Brooks, GA you will find your new favorite band. Seriously. We’re not kidding! Formed during the summer of 2020, Fowl Band is the brainchild of Samantha Martin (nationally acclaimed trainer for The Amazing Acro-Cats), and they are ready to make their grand Hollywood debut!

Fowl Band is led by Tom Turkey along with his partner Tanya Turkey accompanying on piano (they love duets!). Their eclectic music group is rounded out by Gabby and Gibson Gosling on drums and guitar.

Tom Turkey cites his musical influences as Buddy Rich, Afrika Bambaataa, and Roger Taylor of Queen. Martin describes their sound as “Mellifluous — it’s really hard to pin down percussionists whom they haven’t been influenced by!”

While Fowl Band are burgeoning performers, Samantha Martin’s menagerie of pets isn’t new to the TV screen. Samantha’s animals have appeared on America’s Greatest Pets, NOVA’s Cat Tales, and TLC’s Crazy Cat Lady. They may also be seen in advertisements for Purina, Litter-Robot, and Discover Card just to name a few.

Martin has trained and provided animals for photo shoots, film, and TV for over 30 years. She utilizes positive reinforcement training with the help of a clicker and tasty treats. Training time with Martin is always fun and rewarding for the animals in her care.

Fowl Band and Martin are primed for interviews and appearances this fall. Tom Turkey isn’t fretting, “I love performing! We’re ready to share our tunes with the masses!” Martin has spent extensive time working with Fowl Band to refine their sound and prepare them for a life in show business.

While Fowl Band isn’t making any house calls, they are available for commercial work. To book The Fowl Band for your next project, television appearance, or interview, please contact Martin at (773) 391-3357 or by emailing

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