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Animal Actors

Please print this form, fill out, and mail with color photo(s) of your pet.
Breed:                            Pet's Name:                                                           Sex: M/F
Date of Birth:                    Weight:            Color/Markings:                                                      
Does your pet get along with other animals? Y/N  What kind?                                                
Obedience trained? Y/N  Training Level:                                  Does your pet travel well? Y/N
Is your pet comfortable in new places? Y/N  What is your pet's favorite treat?                          
Does your pet have any fears or limitations?                                                                              
Special talents or skills:                                                                                                             
Contact Information
Name:                                                                                    Phone--Home:                          
Address:                                                                                Work:                          
Email:                                                                                     Fax:                          
If you're not available the day of the shoot, would you allow us to pick up and return your animal? Y/N
Would you be interested in working on low budget or student projects? Y/N  
Would you like our professional trainer to contact you about additional training services? Y/N
Would you consider allowing your animal to accompany our professional trainer for out of town jobs? Y/N
If you would like your pet to be submitted to our Animal Actor and Modeling site, we now require professional photos. We recommend Lisa Kruss of Pet Photos in Lombard, Illinois. www.petphotos.com 630-599-0444
Please also fill out the section below.
This information will be added to our website for clients to view.
Breed:                                          Pet's Name:                                                                          
Sex: M/F   Date of Birth:                                             Weight:                           
Height (to withers):                             Length:                             Collar Size:                           
Size: Very small (toy)     Small     Medium     Large     Extra Large
Coat color:                             Eye color:                           
Special Talents or Skills:                                                                                                         
Professional Work/Credits:                                                                                                     
My pet will (circle Y or N)
Speak on cue? Y/N   Carry or hold objects? Y/N
Wear clothing or costumes? Y/N   Work with other animals around? Y/N
Please return this form to:
Amazing Animals by Samantha
3555 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641
Insert your pet's name on star!

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