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Animal Actors

Now, I'm a fashion model!Thank you for your interest in participating in our Animal Actor/Model Agency. In addition to being an entertainment company, Amazing Animals by Samantha does a great deal of film and commercial work. Because we often receive requests for a type of animal that the company may not own, we may rent the desired animal from another business or an individual.


I've found lots of jobs since I joined!We have a file and web pages of available animals that we can show prospective clients. The owner of the animal receives a percentage of the fee that we collect from the work. The job may be a photo shoot, commercial, or film work.


I'm a graduate of the Amazing Animals modeling school!Samantha Martin, owner and chief animal trainer, has over twenty years of experience in handling and training animals, from leash training a tiger to teaching a rat to “sing” into a microphone for a Sony commercial. Ms. Martin has a distinct and responsible approach to her work.


I'm an "Uncle Sam" re-enactor!Positive reinforcement is used in dealing with all animals. No drugs are ever used and the company will turn down jobs if the client has unrealistic or dangerous expectations of the animals in question. Only experienced wranglers are allowed to handle the animals. The company’s policy requires that the animals be supervised and handled by Samantha or one of her assistants. The animal’s health and welfare always come first.


I was once "just a pretty face," but now...If you think that your animal may be right for a commercial or film career, please consider the guidelines below and return the registration form with current color photos of your animal. Please include clear photos of your pet alone—front view, side view, and close-up head shot with a plain background (curtain or blank wall). We will keep your pet’s information on file and contact you if we can use him/her for any work. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your animal will be chosen for a job. Payment is based on time involved and complexity of job.


Actor/Model Guidelines
Is your pet friendly and easy to handle?
Does your pet enjoy new experiences and environments? (A pet that hates changes in its environment will not be happy in a strange studio.)
Does your pet have a strong sit/stay?
Will your pet readily accept directions and handling from a stranger?
If your pet is a dog, is it obedience-trained?
Do you raise or breed any type of animal? We frequently need groups of animals ranging from a litter of puppies to a flock of sheep.
Do you have an unusual or exotic type of animal or reptile?


I model at sled conventions all over the country!
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