Terrier Mix
(Pomeranian, Yorkie, Silky)



Date of Birth: 3/15/2015
Coat color: Red, Brown, Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
(Small) 9.5 pounds
Length: 14 inches
Collar size: 10.5 inches
Height to withers: 11 inches


Special Talents or Skills
- Can fetch, does tug-of-war, fitness & conditioning exercises, agility
- Knows: sit, stay down, stand, beg, sit pretty, 2 paws up (front or rear paws on an object), crawl, backup, speak, look, scratch at a door
- Velvety fur (it was compared to a beaver and chinchilla)
- His fur dries very quickly making him an ideal model for dog bathing products
- Carries or holds objects
- Wears clothing or costumes
- Works with other animals around

Professional Work Credits
- Novice Trick Dog Title from Do More With Your Dog program
- Barking Beauty Pageant, 2018 & 2019
- Rubie's Pet Shop, 2019 (Disney chose André to model officially licensed pet costumes)
- Anthony Rubio Spring-Summer, 2021
- New York Fashion Week runway show, 2020
- Celebrity Catwalk Paws in the City Holiday Edition runway show, 2019
- Fetch Dog Boutique Winter Fashion Show, 2019


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André Modeling in Maxine Avenue - NYC, 2021

Thanks to @appletheyorkie1 for the video!